CRSPIA Mission

The mission of CRSPIA is to support California State Parks, including Cuyamaca Rancho State Park by providing educational and interpretive activities as well as funding exhibits, building improvements and trails to enhance the experience of our visitors.


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Volunteers are awarded Medallion Awards for Superior Achievement, the highest honor, to individual volunteers or teams of volunteers who made a significant contribution towards the mission and goal of the Department worthy of recognition by the California State Parks Director.


Dave Hernandez Medallion Award Winner!

Wording on the Award:

Superior Achievement Award
is posthumously presented to

David Hernandez

For nearly 24 years, David was an exceptional volunteer
at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

He was a tireless advocate for parks, and his vast knowledge
of the park and its mining history inspired many. Additionally,
his passion for and commitment to the maintenance of the
park’s trails benefit park visitors and volunteers alike. He
leaves behind a legacy that will continue to enrich the park
and the visitors’ and volunteers’ experience for years to come.

David Hernandez was an outstanding ambassador
for California State Parks, demonstrating
the true spirit of volunteerism

California State Parks extends its heartfelt gratitude .

Signed by Lisa Ann L. Mangat, Director on March 29, 2020


What can you do?

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Donate funds to CRSPIA. Your donations are tax deductible and CRSPIA uses them to support park activities.

Join CRSPIA and become a park partner.

Volunteer to help maintain park trails and campgrounds.

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Points of interest in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park


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