Cuyamaca Rancho State Park Interpretive Association supports both Cuyamaca Rancho and Palomar Mountain State Parks


Interpreting Our Heritage

   The State Parks have many goals in their management of public lands.

   Interpretation is one vital mission, that is, helping visitors explore and discover their personal connections to the history, landscapes, and wildlife that are our common heritage.
   Interpretation is the soul of the parks, but it faces challenges when budgets are tight, as they are now.

   CRSPIA is an IRS registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that raises and channels much needed funds to the Park to support the interpretive and educational activities of the State Park System, principally in Cuyamaca Rancho and Palomar Mountain State Parks, for the benefit of the public

  Additionally, CRSPIA operates under a contract with the State of California, Department of Parks and Recreation as Cooperating Association as defined in the California Public Resources Code, Section 513

   Items that have been funded by CRSPIA include: the many trail signs and trailhead information boards, radios used by volunteer patrols, the Visitor Center and its exhibits, and equipment used by Rangers for their Campfire Talks.

Stretching Your Dollars

Please become a member

   CRSPIA's income is from dues, donations, bequests, and because most of the time and labor for managing the organization is donated by volunteers, every dollar goes a long way.

   CRSPIA was instrumental in encouraging and helping the State to keep Cuyamaca Rancho open after the Cedar Fire.

   The Volunteers-in-Parks patrols, camp hosts, and trail work are supported by CRSPIA, as is the Visitor Center.

   Please become a member and enjoy the benefits. Yearly dues are as low as $30, or $40 for a family or couple.

75 Years of Mountain Adventure

   The mountain State Parks of San Diego County have been the inspiration and home of golden memories since 1933.

   CRSPIA has been a partner of the Parks since 1977.

Learn More

    CRSPIA was formed to support Cuyamaca Rancho and Palomar Mountain State Park’s educational and interpretive programs.

    Members receive CRSPIA's quarterly newsletter, the Stonewall Sentinel, to keep them informed about CRSPIA activities and Park news.

   Annual events include Equestrian and Mountain Bike Benefit Rides, and Earth Day resource projects in cooperation with the Volunteers-in-Parks program that is managed by Park staff.

   Here on our website you can find a park map, photo galleries, and the latest park updates.



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